A bite of reality in medicine and life.

"The wisdom Dr. Jeri provides is layered in small bites grounded in her experience. She keeps it real and that's what people are looking for."   Maria Trent, Fellowship Director of Adolescent Medicine, Johns Hopkins University of Medicine 

"The Dr. Jeri effect is like warm milk and honey; sweet, soothing and therapeutic! She makes it plain with love and wisdom in ever word she speaks."  -Radiah Rhodes, CEO, Evok Life by Design 

"Dr. Jeri Dyson is my go to expert. Her delivery is factual, engaging and non-threatenting. Dr. Jeri puts a twist of comedy in understanding the fundamentals of health."  -Justine Love, WPCG, 95.5 

“Dr. Dyson was absolutely AWESOME at the National Executive Youth Leadership Society! She kept the attention of over 300 students and parents the entire time, she helped them understand why they must cultivate the leader within for success as a student!” - Chonya Johnson, Director of the National Executive Youth, Leadership Society held at the US Capitol

"Dr. Jeri is the real deal! Her passion for her work is priceless. She is changing lives one family at a time." 

-Veronica Very, Founder, Designer & Visionary, Wonder of Women & HV Brand Art Design 

"An Apple a Day Keeps the Drama Away is THE guide for teens. Dr. Jeri's book is packed with great content and messages that teens and parents can learn from. Great job."-Gabrielle Jordan Thomas, teen Author, Entrepreneur, Jewelry Designer

"Dr. Jeri Dyson has left an indelible mark in the lives on the young girls in our Daughters of Destiny progam. She is a Gift to our Future Generation." Carolyn Washington, Executive Director of Sisters 4 Sisters, Inc

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What are people saying about Dr. Jeri...  

"Dr. Jeri helped me uncover an emotional depth I never knew was hidden all these years."

"When Dr. Jeri speaks, everybody listens. Her "aha" moments are sprinkled with laughter, wisdom and loads of love!"

"I thought I needed Dr. Jeri for my teens but soon realized I needed her in my own life!"

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