Let's Talk About Sex!
Pre-Teen, Teens, and Adults of all Ages

Everything your parent never told you about sex and it's effects on your mind, body and spirit.

"Help! My Teen is Making me Crazy!"
For Adult Parents/Gardians

This workshop gives parents the tools needed to help them effectively communicate with their teens.  It also addresses concerns of adolescence from the parent's perspective.

Dr. Jeri Speaks

"When helping you is harming me!"
For Adult Women

This lecture addresses the importance of women practicing self care. 

The Balancing Act: Boundaries & Borders
Pre-Teen, Teens and Adults of all Ages

From intimate relationships, dating, business and peer friendships--- we all need boundaries.  This workshop discusses the importance of setting clear limits in personal and professional relationships and gives tips on ways to establish boundaries in relationships.

Shifting Your Thoughts to Shift Your World

Addresses the power of our thoughts and how thinking effects our life experience.  Also addresses the importance of daily mediation and surrounding yourself with positive people.

What are people saying about Dr. Jeri...  

"Dr. Jeri helped me uncover an emotional depth I never knew was hidden all these years."

"When Dr. Jeri speaks, everybody listens. Her "aha" moments are sprinkled with laughter, wisdom and loads of love!"

"I thought I needed Dr. Jeri for my teens but soon realized I needed her in my own life!"

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