I'm so glad you stopped by my page. I know you're asking, "Who is Dr. Jeri?" 

I'm a licensed medical physician, author and global speaker who redirected my life to help young ladies travel the globe.  

I've always had a zest for life, but a recent battle with bone marrow cancer has made my life even more meaningful!  Life will send us curves we will not anticipate.  Life will never be perfect, but it can be pleasurable. I'm here to help you explore all the wonder life has to offer you.


I don't care how tough your life has been, it doesn't have to stay that way! 

I look forward to working

with you!!


What are people saying about Dr. Jeri...  

"Dr. Jeri helped me uncover an emotional depth I never knew was hidden all these years."

"When Dr. Jeri speaks, everybody listens. Her "aha" moments are sprinkled with laughter, wisdom and loads of love!"

"I thought I needed Dr. Jeri for my teens but soon realized I needed her in my own life!"

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